Voice Evacuation System

A voice evacuation System operates in conjunction with the Fire Alarm Control Panel in a building to provide automatic response to life safety emergencies.

Automatic evacuation, stay-in-place, or other public address messages can be played over speakers located throughout the building and fire authorities can make announcements as necessary to take command of evacuation or relocation procedures and emergencies.

Fire Fighter Phones or Warden Stations may be included as required.

Why Voice Evac.?

Why use a voice evacuation system rather than just a standard audible horn or bell notification? The Life Safety Code, NFPA 101, was changed in 1983 to require voice systems in assembly occupancies where the occupancy load is 300 persons or more. This change in the Code suddenly included structures such as theaters, auditoriums, nightclubs, restaurants and even churches.

With so many devices making alarm like sounds all around us, people have become complacent to alarm sounds and signals. Combining a signal with a voice message, instructing occupants what to do, has been proven to be much more effective in getting people to a safe area.