After a False Alarm

What to Do After a False Alarm

When an alarm is activated, most systems will send a signal to a monitoring station. If the alarm is a mistake, it is important for the user to communicate with the monitoring station to make sure that no police dispatch request is made.

To Call or Not to Call?

Unfortunately, the alarm system often uses the same phone line to send in the alarm signal that the user would use to call the monitoring station. This is why many alarm companies will instruct users to wait for them to call after the alarm. Some companies want users to call them as soon as the line clears. The alarm user should learn what their company’s procedure is so they will be ready if they have an alarm.

Stay Put

Users should not leave the alarm site until they have spoken with their monitoring station and assured them there is no emergency.

Be Prepared

When you make contact with the monitoring station, you will need to verify that the user is an authorized user. All alarm users should know how to identify themselves to the alarm company.

It May Not Be Too Late When The Alarm Sounds

If the user enters their disarm code fast enough, some systems will stop the alarm signal before it is sent to the monitoring station. Other systems may change the type of signal that is sent so that the monitoring station knows there is no emergency. In any case, turning off the alarm as fast as possible after a mistake is a good idea.


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