Use ECV – Enhanced Call Verification

Check with your alarm monitoring company to see if they call the alarm location and another phone number before they dispatch public safety on a burglar alarm activation.  This technique has been proven effective in avoiding false alarms.

ECV is an alarm monitoring procedure requiring that a minimum of two calls be made to two different alarm user telephone numbers prior to requesting public safety dispatch. Typically, one of the phone numbers is the alarm user’s cell phone.

  • Reduces alarm dispatch requests by over 50%.
  • Some alarm companies already use ECV. You should ask your alarm company if they practice ECV. If not, you can request that your alarm company implement ECV for you.
  • Make sure the contact numbers on file with your alarm company are always up to date. Be proactive and add your alarm company’s phone number to your cell phone contact list.
  • Do you know who will be at your location today? Scheduled workers? Maintenance? Cleaners/Cleaning Crews? House or Pet Sitters? Landscapers? To avoid false alarms, ensure that persons with access to your location have the proper temporary codes and passwords for your alarm system.

In the unlikely event that an alarm still occurs, you should expect a call from your alarm company. You can then make an informed decision as to whether to have them request police dispatch or not.