Update Contact Info

Make sure the contact numbers on file with your alarm company are always up to date. Be proactive and add your alarm company’s phone number to your cell phone contact list.

  • Be sure to contact your alarm company and your jurisdiction with any changes to your account information and any changes to your contact list at least once a year!
  • Update call lists with police, fire and alarm companies on an annual basis, or as the information changes.
  • Ask your alarm company to send you a copy of your current call list. Review your list and make any necessary changes. Most companies will accept changes via fax or email. Some even have the capability for you to make changes directly to your account on line.
  • Advise your alarm company about who has keys to your home or business. Make sure those people are on your call list. Your local police department may require that a key holder must respond to an activated alarm, so your alarm company must have current and accurate phone numbers. Make sure everyone on the call list knows their passcode.
  • Include all phone numbers (including cell, work, home, etc.) for each contact on your call list, and list them in order of priority.
  • Please remember to review your call list with your alarm company at least once a year, and notify them of any changes to contacts and/or phone numbers when they happen.