Train all Users

  • Effective initial training of everyone who has access to the alarm location on the proper operation of the system could be the single most important factor in false alarm prevention. It is essential that all users of the alarm system be present when the training on an alarm system occurs.
  • Ensure guests, renters, workers, contractors or hired help are properly trained and are given a code and password to your alarm system, OR do not leave them unaccompanied at the alarm site.
  • The alarm system trainer should provide plenty of time for instruction in layman’s terms and allow the users to play with the system while the trainer is there.
  • The more comfortable the alarm users are with their system, the less likely they will be to cause false alarms.
  • On-going training for alarm users on what causes false alarms and how to avoid them is a must.

Home Alarm Training

  • Make sure everyone, who has access to your home, such as child care givers, domestic help, extended family, repair techs, real estate agents, etc., are familiar with your alarm system.
  • Teach them how to arm the system and make sure they know how much time they have to exit if they are leaving.
  • If entering the home, ensure they know how to disarm the system and how much time they have to do it before the system alerts your monitoring center
  • Contact your alarm company and assign each person their own personal passcode/password. You can have it removed when it’s no longer needed.
  • Educate your guests/employees on your alarm monitoring company’s procedures should they set off the alarm accidentally.
  • Teach them how to cancel a false alarm to avoid the imposition of potential fees or fines.
  • Keep your monitoring center’s phone number in an easy to find place.

Business Alarm Training

  • Make sure all new employees are trained on the use of the alarm system.
  • Hold monthly employee training sessions emphasizing the following:
    • Remind employees to properly secure the building windows and doors before arming the alarm system.
    • Review the false alarm cancellation procedure including alarm company phone number and password.
    • Discuss the proper use of hold up or panic buttons and their locations.
    • Provide thorough instruction on arming and disarming the alarm system.
    • Make sure opening and closing employees have the current alarm code and passwords and know how to use each. The alarm code arms and disarms the system. The password cancels a public safety dispatch and avoids a false alarm.
    • Post the alarm monitoring company phone number in an area that is highly visible for employees.