Take Care When Rearranging

Before rearranging your furniture or putting up the new spring curtains or drapes, first determine whether the design change would interfere with the operation of your motion detectors.

When rearranging or moving your furniture or acquiring new items:

  • Ensure that nothing is placed in the path of motion detectors, which could cause false alarms, especially when home heating and cooling systems are turned on!
  • Do not move items such as plants or accessories in view of your motion detectors. Plants and other hanging home accessories can sway and cause your motion detectors to activate.
  • Ensure that newly placed items or decorations around doors and windows, as well as new window treatments, do not interfere with either the door and window contacts or the motion detectors.
  • Pets can wreak havoc with an alarm system. If your alarm system was designed and installed prior to acquiring a pet, call your alarm company immediately so that a technician can review your system and ensure that your new pet will not cause false alarms.
  • Moving any furniture, painting or remodeling in your home will surely either uncover or create an accumulation of dust and debris. In order to work properly, the detector in your alarm system must remain dust and bug free. Make sure to include checking the motion detectors for dust and spider webs when making any changes to your living environment.
  • Remember, when making design or decoration changes in your home, it is also a great time to schedule a routine maintenance check-up of your alarm system equipment and to get advice from your alarm company about your proposed design changes.