Recording Devices

Time-lapse VCRs have been used as a storage medium for some time. VCRs have some drawbacks including, introduction of noise, wear and tear and the simple requirement that the tape needs to be rewound to access information. In a practical situation the reviewing of tapes to secure the important face shot” or “scene of crime” can involve long and tedious work.

Digital Video Recorder (or DVR) uses a computer hard disk memory to store images and are excellent at reproducing high quality images with little noise or picture degradation and are extremely useful in calling up an alarmed picture. In addition to they may offer a number of additional features:.

  • Ability to view and control the system from computers around the world.
  • Interconnectivity to Computer networks.
  • Motion Detection for setting alarm events and immediate retrieval.
  • Ability to go direct to a time or incident without the need to search through hours of videotape.

PC Based Digital Video Surveillance Capture Cards use a card installed in computer along software to allow you to view your CCTV Cameras, search through previously recorded footage, backup footage to CD/DVD, control pan tilt and zoom cameras either on the PC system or remotely and much much more.