Intercom Systems

Simple communications from room to room can also include capability for music in each room or the addition of video. Intercom Systems can be used to:

  • Answer your front door with out opening it to strangers, or talk to all members of your household with the press of a button.
  • Talk and listen with out pressing buttons each time
  • Monitor a sleeping baby from any room in the house
  • Listen to music

Video capability can be added to allow you to verify who is at the front door or to observe a particular area.

Wired and wireless systems are available.

It may be wise to set out by asking yourself the following questions for your home intercom plans:

  • Do I want door intercom?
  • Do I want entry video monitoring?
  • Do I want room-to-room intercom? Do I want wholehouse broadcast intercom (paging) or handset intercom? Or the both?
  • Do I want a wholehouse audio system?