Include Your Alarm System in Your Disaster Plan

Effects of Disasters on Alarm Systems

  • If you are required to evacuate due to a disaster, do you have a plan in place to avoid potential false alarms from your alarm system? Taking a few simple steps before a disaster occurs, will help to avoid potential problems and the uncertainty that comes when you are required to make quick decisions in the face of a disaster.
  • If you install a generator to prepare for power outages, discuss with your alarm company how to connect the alarm system, as well as the procedures to follow before a disaster occurs.
  • Ensure that your contact list and information is always kept current. You should contact your alarm company at least once per year to update.  If you relocate in an emergency, contact your alarm company with phone numbers of where you can be reached and provide them with the phone number of a contact person outside the immediate area, if available.

When You Get Back

  • When you are able to safely return to your home or business, you may have to deal with a multitude of issues. One of those will be what to do with your alarm system. If your area has experienced power outages, when the power restores, it may cause a false alarm.
  • Before reconnecting or activating your alarm system, contact your alarm company.
  • Depending on the disaster, it may be necessary to replace the alarm system battery.
  • Schedule an inspection of your alarm system.
  • Check sensors for water damage, lightning strikes, etc.