Duress, Hold-Up & Panic Alarms

Duress, hold-up and panic alarms are designed to allow alarm users to activate the system under specific emergency situations when they are unable to dial 9-1-1.

These types of alarms generally result in a heightened response, sometimes with lights and sirens, due to a raised likelihood of a criminal event in progress.

Therefore, activating these types of alarms in non-emergency situations could result in stiff penalties and fines to the alarm user. It is very important that alarm users understand that activation of these types of alarms in non-emergency or improper situations may place law enforcement officers, alarm users and the general public at increased risk.

 When NOT to use your duress, hold-up or panic alarm:

  • When you need fire or medical assistance
  • To check to see how long it takes law enforcement officers to respond
  • When someone has shoplifted merchandise
  • To report a fight in the parking lot
  • When an underage person attempts to buy alcohol
  • To report that a vehicle has been stolen
  • Any other circumstance in which you are not in a life-threatening or emergency situation

When it is appropriate to use your duress, hold-up or panic alarm:

  • In emergency situations when you are unable to dial 9-1-1 for law enforcement assistance
  • During a robbery or hold-up in progress
  • When you are physically threatened