The starting point for any CCTV system must be the camera. The camera creates the picture that will be transmitted to the control position. Apart from special designs CCTV cameras are not fitted with a lens. The lens must be provided separately and screwed onto the front of the camera. There is a standard screw thread for CCTV cameras, although there are different types of lens mounts.

Cameras come is a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are mounted to be visible for ease of installation and deterrent effect. Others are concealed to enhance detection.

Versatile surveillance cameras are designed to suit almost any application requiring a view of a given location. With the broad selection of available lenses, cameras can be configured to cover broad areas such as parking lots or waiting areas, or tighter, up-close views of entrances and access points.

How to Choose a CCTV Camera?

Choosing the correct CCTV Camera for your surveillance system is very important. The CCTV Camera, together with a CCTV Lens, uses a CCD (Charge Coupled Device) sensor that captures the image and turns it into an electric signal which can be sent to a monitor or surveillance system.

You need to decide the following when choosing a CCTV camera & lens:

  • The environment the camera will be in i.e. Will the camera be situated: Indoors?  Outdoors?
  • The amount of light or variable light conditions for the camera i.e. Will the camera have to record in low-light conditions?
  • The Field of View required for the camera. How wide or narrow an angle you require. The distance within which objects in a picture are in focus.
  • The Focal Length- How far away objects you wish to record will be from the camera
  • Your budget