If You Give Them A Key – Give Them the Codes

To avoid false alarms, ensure that persons with access to your location (Scheduled workers, Maintenance, Cleaners/Cleaning Crews, House or Pet Sitters & Landscapers) have the proper temporary codes and passwords for your alarm system.

  • Always be certain that all persons with a key to the premises are trained to use the system and have an entry/exit code to turn the system on and off, as well as a passcode or password to give the monitoring company, which identifies them as authorized to be in the premises.
  • Most alarm companies have systems that accommodate temporary arming codes and passcodes for persons other than the property owner(s). These codes can be added and deleted by you at any time to control temporary access as needed.
  • If you’re going out of town and have a house sitter, make sure they have permission to authorize repairs to your system if it fails.
  • Make sure everyone who has access to your home has a valid code to turn on and off your alarm system as well as the code or password used to identify themselves to your alarm company as a valid alarm user.